Top Grade PVC-u

European Committee standards state that Grade A PVC-U must have an outside wall thickness of at least 2.8mm.

Ultimate wall thickness is 3mm which offers superb frame strength and rigidity that will last for years.

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Built to Last

Manufactured from 3mm Grade-A PVC-u, Ultimate profiles guarantee a consistent, superb surface finish. An internally sloped surface directs any water penetration away from the window via a built-in drainage route.

Correct Glazing

In order to avoid the breakdown of glazed units it is essential that your unit remains in dry conditions at all times.


Our windows utilise a specially designed glazing packer (1) that is sprung in place for the glazed unit (2) to sit on and therefore create a bridge between the sealed unit and any water or dampness. This helps to prevent condensation forming inside your units.

JohnFredProfileMade to Measure

Our window and door profiles are produced 70mm in depth, often the same depth as conventional wooden windows.


Because of this, our frames are more likely to provide a direct replacement for the windows that have been removed and will refit up against existing plaster lines for a neater finish.

Smart Safety Solutions

For your safety, easy clean/fire escape hinges are fitted to side-opening windows.


These will open to a full 90° to give you an alternative means of fire escape (dependent on window size) and can slide towards the centre to allow easy external cleaning.


Choosing the right entrance door for your home is essential, your front door creates the first impression and the all important kerb appeal.


Allow yourself time to decide what is right for your home, whether it be traditional or contemporary you are sure to find a style that suits. Our doors give you endless style and colour choices, so now your door can really reflect your personality.


It’s now possible to emulate most timber style doors. Your choice of door and glazing design can help define the overall style of your home and add light to an otherwise darkened hallway.

Traditional, Classic or Contemporary?

With so many colour, furniture and glazing options available you will have everything you need to create your desired effect.

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